Saturday, May 29, 2010

A season of change

I haven't always done well with change in my life. It is an area however that God has graciously grown me in, and I've come a long way from my youth. I mean, I actually cried when our carpet was changed in the house where I grew up. I just didn't want to let go of the memories I guess!

But lately I've been led to seek out a little bit of God a bit more, and step out on a new adventure.

And that adventure started this weekend as I started the arduous task of packing up my sweet little apartment that has been home for the past 4 years. That's right, I'm moving out!

Next weekend I'll be moving to my relative's apartment, where I'll spend the summer while they are away (and I'm traveling between our summer camps and the US) and then in the fall my new adventure will take me to England for three months!

It has been a dream of mine for quite some time to study at a Bible school or a ministry school, and I have continually put it off for a variety of reasons-- always thinking there would be a better time. Well, after much prayer and some wonderful confirmations from the Lord I have decided to take the leap and GO!

I will be in the UK for 3 months taking a course at Ellel Ministires, where I will be learning more about prayer, healing, deliverance and discipleship. After working among orphans in Ukraine for 5 years, I am very excited for this opportunity to learn more about something so needed and so relevant in their lives- healing! I am very excited for this opportunity to learn and study God's word and be among others who are wanting to grow in Christ and learn about sharing that freedom with others.

My plan for now is to be in the UK from October till Christmas and then be in the US for the holidays and then return back to Ukraine late January, when I'll begin looking for a new place to live in Kiev.

That's the latest news around here for now!

So in the mean time...I need to get back to packing up my boxes!


Heidi and Felix said...

I admire your willingness to follow where He is leading you!


Natasha said...

Girlie - wow! Good for you!!!
I'm so glad you're doing it!
Do you still have your Vonage phone hooked up??

Charlene Quiram said...


I'm so happy for you--I love England and hope this is an amazing time of renewal in Him for you and your inspiring ministry.

Love, Charlene Q