Sunday, November 22, 2009

Zoo trips and new friends

This past week was FUN packed! I often get to step in as 'mama' when my family here has to go out of town. So that is what I was this past week to 3 of the 6 Weber children. Babysitting the youngest three of the clan is always a treat- because they tend to think whatever I come up with is fun and seem to be amused by my ideas quite easily! For instance when I told them on Wednesday that we'd go to the zoo on Saturday- it became the biggest event of the week to look forward to- and when they found out that the zoo would be topped off with a trip to the disney land of Kiev (McDonald's) they were more than thrilled! That, combined with all the Christmas cartoons I currently have on my computer made for a fun weekend! (Don't worry I know that having kids of my own won't be that easy- so I'll enjoy being the 'entertaining one' for now!) I have to say that these little cousins of mine are a HUGE blessing in my life here. Having had the privilege to be a part of their lives as they've grown up and had so many 'firsts' (including John's first loose tooth this weekend) is just such an honor and joy that I don't take for granted!
Andre and the elephant
Just hanging out in the center like 'normal' Americans

Then today I was able to meet up with the Houghton family, who is another part of my Colorado crew of friends who are taking the adoption world of Ukraine by storm. Such a sweet couple! It was fun spending the day with them and hearing their story. We also met up with my friend Yulia and our friend Bruce, who is here finishing up the adoption of two more of our kiddos from Kherson!
We first met Pasha (far left) at a camp two years ago and Yulia has been praying for a family for him ever since. What a blessing to all be TOGETHER in Kiev today, celebrating God's faithfulness in answering that prayer with Pasha! Pasha and his newly adopted sister Natasha (next to me in photo)- are both finally getting to go home this week...just in time for Thanksgiving! I am so blessed by the job I have and the families I continually get to meet on the journey of adoption. Their stories, their risks, and their faithfulness to the Lord continue to INSPIRE me!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Making Amends: An Adoption Story

3 years ago I was able to help the Amend family with the adoption of their 3rd daughter, Aly. It was an amazing journey to be on with this family for many reasons! I've been blessed to stay in touch with the Amends over the years and stay up to date with the various surgeries Aly has had to undergo. Just yesterday, CBN aired a wonderful story featuring the Amend family! It was awesome to see their story shared with the world- as they truly are living out the spirit of adoption and have a heart for the Lord. It was fun to take a look through my photos when the Amends were here adopting Aly, as she isn't smiling in almost any of them. Now this little girl is ALL smiles and a bundle of energy and joy. Take a moment to watch and enjoy! :)

YouTube - Making Amends: An Adoption Story -

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


IMG_8072 I've not written much lately- maybe because I've been uninspired- or haven’t had much to say! I keep trying to think what to write about or share about...but lately it has been writer’s block.

I have decided recently that fall is my favorite season. There are things I love about spring and summer- but the fall season, with the vibrant colors changing all around, and the anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas --that there is something about that I just really enjoy.  I could go on about things I don't like about the the dark evenings, the cold IMG_8103temperatures, and the rain we are now having....but to keep myself from getting depressed-I'll just focus on the things I love- which are the colors, the cups of coffee  & tea with my family and friends and the walks through the leaves- as is captured here on a recent weekend walk with my cousins Gabrielle and Victoria.


IMG_8119 Fall also reminds me of the end of things..or in reality- the death of the leaves are drying up and the trees are left barren and we realize another year is coming to an end.  We could be depressed- thinking- this is it?!  It’s over!  But praise God -we know that as we welcome winter, we know that it will give way to spring! And renewal will happen yet again-- just as it always has. Maybe it is a good reminder that the Lord gave me spring in my’s a reminder that he isn't done with me yet-- that there are still parts left to bloom. So even though I am enjoying the fall color around me and the blessings it contains (even when it feels like they are buried under a pile of leaves)- I too am awaiting the newness of spring!  Sometimes I just wish we didn’t have to go through the winter to get there.

So in the mean time…I’ll just enjoy the fall! :)