Wednesday, November 11, 2009


IMG_8072 I've not written much lately- maybe because I've been uninspired- or haven’t had much to say! I keep trying to think what to write about or share about...but lately it has been writer’s block.

I have decided recently that fall is my favorite season. There are things I love about spring and summer- but the fall season, with the vibrant colors changing all around, and the anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas --that there is something about that I just really enjoy.  I could go on about things I don't like about the the dark evenings, the cold IMG_8103temperatures, and the rain we are now having....but to keep myself from getting depressed-I'll just focus on the things I love- which are the colors, the cups of coffee  & tea with my family and friends and the walks through the leaves- as is captured here on a recent weekend walk with my cousins Gabrielle and Victoria.


IMG_8119 Fall also reminds me of the end of things..or in reality- the death of the leaves are drying up and the trees are left barren and we realize another year is coming to an end.  We could be depressed- thinking- this is it?!  It’s over!  But praise God -we know that as we welcome winter, we know that it will give way to spring! And renewal will happen yet again-- just as it always has. Maybe it is a good reminder that the Lord gave me spring in my’s a reminder that he isn't done with me yet-- that there are still parts left to bloom. So even though I am enjoying the fall color around me and the blessings it contains (even when it feels like they are buried under a pile of leaves)- I too am awaiting the newness of spring!  Sometimes I just wish we didn’t have to go through the winter to get there.

So in the mean time…I’ll just enjoy the fall! :)


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Evie's Story said...

Oh friend...I HEAR you and I can relate and I am praying you through this hard season...and missing you always!