Monday, October 29, 2012

Scarves & Fall

I have a wonderful blog friend, also by the brilliant name of Karen, who adopted a darling little girl from Ukraine over a year ago.  We quickly bonded in the short time we spent together and have enjoyed staying in touch....probably was a name thing.

Anyway she writes a wonderful blog which highlights her awesome photography skills and life as a mama.  She is featuring a very fun FALL give-away and because I love fall and love scarves I couldn't help but want to join!

Usually I don't do things like the more reason I guess to try something new!

So if you are interested in a fun new scarf for fall, check out the link below...and also check out some of the other Karen's lovely photography...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Adoption & Foster Care Rx

Do you ever just wish you could take a perscription pill to make your post-adoption challenges fade away?? I know many do!

There is a very exciting resource I want to share with foster and adoptive families- one that Orphan's Promise launched just in the last few months--a new DVD series called 'Adoption & Foster Care Rx, Solutions for Wounded Families.'  Its a series with seven sessions, including real stories from real adoptive families and also advise and interviews from the experts, including the brilliant Karyn Purvis!

Several of my dear friends who have walked the adoption journey are featured in this series and it is so exciting to see how God is using their stories to minister to others who are walking the same path of ups and downs.

I'm just thrilled we took this project on. I'm a huge fan of promoting adoption, but I also know that as strongly as we advocate adoption we must also provide the resources needed to be successful and the places to turn with things are down right HARD.

I was handing these DVD's out as gifts to those adoptive families who stay with me, but I ran out! Hoping to get a new shipment soon so I can distribute more...

When you make a $35 donation to Orphan's Promise, the video can be yours. Visit here for more information about ordering and to see a trailer: