Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Warming Soles for Christmas!

For five years now our volunteers have been providing camps every summer for orphans in one tiny village in a remote part of southern Ukraine. 

This hidden village is made up of about 2,000 people, all hovering along the poverty line. The village is also home to about 150 orphans, spread between two orphanages.  The roads to reach this village are almost non-drivable in winter conditions and the children grow up without exposure to the outside world.  The only new people they ever meet are the ones who visit them!

On a trip to this village last month to visit the children, I learned that one of their most basic needs was not being met—that of winter shoes! With a harsh winter fast approaching and only a small government subsidy to clothe the children each year, the director of the orphanage has been looking to other places to see that the children under her care have the proper things to keep them warm.  So she turned to the people in her office sitting in front of her...and that happened to be us! She was hoping we could offer some assistance.  

And as I sat there listening to her describe the need for shoes, I couldn't help but think that I had tons of friends back in the states who could easily meet this need. 

After-all, she was only looking for a little less than 2,000 dollars to put shoes on all the kids.  Divide that between a few hundred facebook friends, and we've got shoes in no time! 

So before I knew it...I was committing to finding money for shoes.  And not only for one orphanage...but I figured if we were looking for shoes for one orphanage in the village, we'd better raise money for the second one as well.  So here we go....shoe fundraiser has officially begun! 

The cafeteria of one of the two orphanages in about a 15-minute walk from the main building, so 3 times everyday the children have to go out into the cold to walk to the place where they eat their meals.  Proper winter shoes for so much walking in the snow is a must!   

With the Christmas season coming upon us, and with snow to soon be falling in Ukraine, I want to give you my blog friends, a chance to partner with us in getting winter shoes for these orphans!  Ones we have been building relationships with for 5 years.  So it isn't just a one time donation and walking away- it is continual investment.  

A donation of $30 will purchase a pair of brand new boots for a child in one of these village orphanages we are working with.  Our goal is to have 150 pairs of shoes by Christmas!  How many boots can you give?

To give you can donate directly through the OP general giving website: https://www.cbn.com/giving/orphanspromise/option.aspx

** UPDATE:  All the funds have been raised!! Thanks for giving :)

Just shoot me an email that you have donated, and we'll be sure to designate your donation for this project!  Or send me an email if you'd rather mail a check, and I can send you the information.

Merry Christmas,