Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Diary of Anne Frank

So I think it's official.  I am a really lame blogger!!  I can never seem to make the time to write and post-- there is always the next pressing thing to do.  So, if anyone is still out there--here is a little update!

May has been, as it always is, a CRAZY month!! I direct the school play every year at Kiev Christian Academy and the show runs the second weekend of the month.  So with 2 weeks of solid rehearsals and then all the graduation celebrations and goodbyes that quickly follow the play, May has this way of being a month where I burn the candle at both ends.

This year I directed "The Diary of Anne Frank"-- and wow, what an amazing experience it was. I was very tentative to take on this weighty piece, as I've generally stuck to light romantic comedies in the past (that and the set intimidated me!). But I decided to try something different this year, and the result was fantastic.  This is one very proud director of her students.  These kids always have a way of pulling it together at the last minute and wowing me and the entire audience.  We had 3 full nights and 3 standing ovations.  Not too bad I'd say!  It was clear that people were moved by the story and the performances.

Rumor has it that this may have been our best production yet!  Here is a little peak and what we were up to:

yes, we even worked with a live cat--a first for me on stage!
my lovely cast!