Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summit Recap

Well I returned from my whirl-wind trip to the US where I was attending the Christian Alliance for Orphan's Summit at Saddleback Church in California.  Although it was a super quick trip, I am so thankful for this opportunity I had to attend this very inspiring event.

I was privileged to listen to the likes of Rick and Kay Warren, Francis Chan, Denis Rainey, Steven Curtis Chapman and Dr. Karyn Purvis.  Even better than listening to these amazing teachers I was united with countless dear friends in the adoption/orphan care sphere-- many that I hadn't seen in years!  From adoptive parents, to ministry partners, to blog and facebook friends, it felt more like a family reunion than a conference!

The most impacting part of the week for me was the all day event on Wednesday with Karyn Purvis who is one of the leading specialists in working with children from hard places.  Many are familiar with her book The Connected Child, and while at the conference I was able to pick up her DVD teaching series--which is a must for any adoptive parent.  She speaks with such wisdom and experience and truly gives hope to parents who are struggling with their children. (

Some of our Orphan's Promise team at our booth 

At the conference we also launched a new DVD series put out by Orphan's Promise called "Adoption and Foster Care RX" It is a great resource for adoptive and foster families and I look forward to sharing more about that next month when it is officially launched and will be made available for purchase.

Another great part of the weekend was the time that they gave to national leaders.  The conference highlighted about 4 countries that are actively taking care of and adopting orphans in their own countries.  The work of Ukraine without Orphans was highlighted and I was honored to see so many of the gentlemen I work with on a daily basis step on stage and share about how the adoption movement is growing in Ukraine.
Ruslan sharing about work being done in Ukraine

Kris- my dear friend--adoptive mom and co-founder of Ukraine Orphan Outreach
I also finally got to meet Carrie. Our moms are the best of friends- but us daughters finally got to connect at the Summit! Carrie is mama to 3 beautiful children from Ghana and we have been each-others blog followers for years.  I was so thankful or this chance to meet up face to face-- I just love her heart to bring healing to kids!

My sweet friend Holly-- her and husband Jason adopted from Ukraine and they were the 'inspirations' behind my hospitality ministry. So I either need to thank them or blame them that my house is always full of guests!

It was announced on the last night that next year's conference will take place in Nashville! Not sure if I'll make it, but if you have a chance, you should look into attending-- you will be more than encouraged if you do and will also gain valuable resources and information in the realm of adoptive parenting and orphan care.