Friday, November 20, 2009

Making Amends: An Adoption Story

3 years ago I was able to help the Amend family with the adoption of their 3rd daughter, Aly. It was an amazing journey to be on with this family for many reasons! I've been blessed to stay in touch with the Amends over the years and stay up to date with the various surgeries Aly has had to undergo. Just yesterday, CBN aired a wonderful story featuring the Amend family! It was awesome to see their story shared with the world- as they truly are living out the spirit of adoption and have a heart for the Lord. It was fun to take a look through my photos when the Amends were here adopting Aly, as she isn't smiling in almost any of them. Now this little girl is ALL smiles and a bundle of energy and joy. Take a moment to watch and enjoy! :)

YouTube - Making Amends: An Adoption Story -

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Durr Family said...

Wow! If only I had half of the strength and commitment of this family. I'll keep praying!