Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ode to my Mama...

In honor of Mother's Day I'd like to dedicate this post to my one and only Mama!
Really, one post isn't enough to say how much I love her and how much she means to me...but here I go...trying my best....

If you just see my mom it is clear that she is a beautiful person on the outside- but this outer beauty that draws people to her is just a tiny preview to her heart. My mom is a woman who loves with her whole heart, who gives sacrificially and who lives with a steadfast faith. My mom has taught me much of what I know about Jesus by the way she loves other people. She is a servant at heart and will put her needs and desires last to make sure that those of others have been met. From the days that she served as my ever faithful stage mom as I performed in plays, to her now over seeing all my bill paying, banking, and doctor scheduling as I live abroad- my mama has always taken care of me!

My mom isn't as outgoing or outspoken as I can often be- but instead she leads by quiet example. Growing up, I remember every morning, as I woke for school, wiped my tired eyes and headed to the bathroom, I would pier into the living room and see the back of my mom's head- curled up with a blanket in the easy chair with her Bible in hand-- beginning her day in the Word and praying for her children. She would never draw attention to this action and words would rarely be spoken -- but I saw her just the same. Her actions spoke volumes. Seeing my mom, up before the sun rose, before her children rose, showed me the importance of beginning the day with Jesus. I knew that my mom loved God's word and it was (and still is) evidenced by her time spent with him.

My mom is a nurturer and full of compassion. That's why she makes such a great nurse as well. I remember watching how she cared for her own mother as she fought cancer and faithfully tended to all her needs- until the day she died. I remember thinking she was so brave--so strong. And now with the same strength she lovingly cares for my grandfather- all the while being an amazing wife, mother and the hippest grandmother I know!

I love that my mom has allowed me to be in Ukraine, and has supported my calling and my dreams. I remember the first year or so I was in Ukraine, my parents thought that would be 'it' and then I'd be home to start my life. But as time has ticked away they have graciously stood back in support and have allowed God to be God- which means letting go. I am surrounded by so many others in ministry who have pressures of family telling them to come back 'home' and I cannot tell you what an amazing blessing it is to have a family that loves the Lord and releases you to go where he leads. Her sense of permission has meant the world to me and has allowed me to remain as long as I have.

My mom isn't famous. She's not a public speaker. She's not really computer savvy. And she can even get angry sometimes (something my friends still have a hard time believing)!

But she is my hero.

She is wise
She is beautiful
She is godly
She's who I call when I have a bad day
She's who I call when I have a great day
She prays for me
She misses me
She loves me unconditionally
She is the REAL thing

Mom, I love you. Thank you for making my life better. Thank you for being YOU.
Happy Mother's Day!


Natasha said...

Amen! She is one beautiful mama!!!
Happy Mother's Day, Diane!!!

The Lont Family said...

Ah! I cried when I read this! So great Karen, and yes your mama is amazing!

Heidi and Felix said...

Gotta love da Mommas!

On a side note relating to your post about Rimma smiling...I agree. But, she is much happier now and everyday it shows. And one other thing, she actively engages me and Heidi in conversation. She couldn't wait to tell us about her field trip to her first MLB game last night. I just let her talk on and on (all English) about it. Whne she was finished, and after a bunch of "oh yeah's" and "really's" from me, I told her..."Rimma I love to listen to you talk". She gave me an "ohh, DAD!" :)