Monday, May 3, 2010

Camp planning

We are gearing up again for Summer Camps!! It's hard to believe but this summer I will be taking part in organizing our 9th and 10th camps for orphans and graduated orphans in Ukraine!! Wow! We will be reuniting with kids from last year’s camps, allowing us to follow-up and continue building relationships.

These camps are in large part sponsored by the organization I work with- CBN and our specific Orphan ministry- Orphan's Promise. To see a little bit about what we do at our camps, take a look at this video which highlights one of our camps from last summer:

Looks fun huh! Wanna come?

To fund both of the camps for this summer will cost about $12,000 (which includes housing, food, supplies, transportation and activities). Most of the money has been raised, but we still need about 2 thousand dollars to reach our goal and to buy the needed craft and sporting supplies. With any money I raise through family and friends I will be able to purchase all the needed extra supplies when I'm home in the states this July (prior to our August camp).

For the past 2 years I've given friends and family a chance to partner in our summer ministry to orphans in Ukraine and I have been overwhelmed by the generosity in response. I want to again ask that you join with us to make these camps a reality this summer.

As seen in the video above- lives are truly transformed in these 10 day camps--only God can do that-- but he allow us to play a part!

I have a way set up through an organization called Co-Link, for people to make- tax-deductible donations. This is a way that will allow me to purchase all the supplies myself- instead of sending it through my organization here. Any money that is donated under my name will go directly for the costs of the camp.

If you would like to make a donation please send to:


16261 36th Ave. NE

Lk. Forest Park, WA 98155

Make checks out to: Colink with Acct # 751 in the memo line.

Write "Karen Springs" on a post it and stick to check—that way there will be no confusion.

or to donate online you can go to: (just use account number 751)

Thank you for your partnership!! I look forward to the stories I will share as the summer begins.

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