Thursday, April 29, 2010

They should have known...

While I was home at Christmas, my mom was going through old pictures of mine, and pulled out this one. I'm 10 years old in the picture...and clearly at the cusp of my awkward stage (which lasted till I was 18 I think).

Just looking at the picture, my parents should have known what was in my future. I mean look at me...surrounded with children of all colors, shapes and sizes...even better- taking a posed family picture! If you look closely you'll see that the sign I'm holding reads "Love is are family" (yes I know- spelling was never my gift).

I have very specific memories of my childhood, playing house and playing orphanage. To this day I can still remember the name of every doll in the picture...including little Gretchen in my lap! :) That couch brings back good memories too!

Hmmm... 8 children? We'll see!


Kari said...

Cute! I just remembered about a week ago that when Jim and I got married I wanted four kids, and he wanted two. So we decided we would compromise and have three. Then when we had two healthy kids, Jim said this is good. But, here we are now with four kids. I told him, I always get my way, ha, ha!

Evie's Story said...

I love this Karen! God has given you exactly the heart He has, designed for the purposes He's made you for.
Such a sweet picture!

Gary and Beverly said...

Very cute young lady!

We miss you.


Gary & Beverly Bruce

Natasha said...

Oh, this is great, sista! :0) I've really been wanting to call you but work is super-busy right now. By the time kids go to bed, I'm mentally exhausted and don't want to talk at all. :)
Hope you're doing well. I LOVE this post!
Love ya. Natasha