Friday, April 2, 2010

Tale of the drinking Barbie doll

Last weekend I was asked to travel with our musical group from our mission and perform again as you guessed it...the Barbie doll. She's beginning to grow on me I think. Well...maybe just a little. I mean who doesn't like dressing up like a popular American iconic doll and then attempting to speak Russian in front of adoring Ukrainian children? Quite delightful really.


So after living in Ukraine for 5 years now I never make any cultural faux pas. Who me??? Never. So therefore when I was on stage last weekend playing the life size Barbie doll and the narrator was singing the song about a telephone, I surely did NOT make a gesture with my hand that was culturally misinterpreted. I mean come on, I would have already known after living here for so many years, that putting up your hand in the shape of a telephone really means you want to go have a drink or go get drunk and doesn't mean you want to give the person a call! So no, there is no possible way I would have made this gesture to the lead singer while she was singing this song, and kept smiling along merrily as I was lifting up my so called 'telephone'.
And certainly I would never have done this in a production in front of 300 children.

Not me.

See? Totally innocent! Totally.


Ashley said...

LOL, Karen I was laughing out loud reading this. I know this feeling all too well...

Evie's Story said...

Way to go slick! neither! Always culturally sensitive:-)

You're adorable - love the outfit and miss ya like crazy! Thanks for the smile tonight.

Kelly said...

LOL!! You are a hoot!! adorable too!!