Sunday, February 8, 2009

Getting back into the swing

So by the lack of posts lately you can see I've been busy- well that and I've been trying to think of something interesting to write about! I've been back in Kiev now for 2 weeks after my 2 month trip to the states.

The last few weeks with my family were very full, with a lot of great time doing my new favorite thing-- spending time with my adorable nephew Caleb. Then I headed to Virginia for a few days of catching up with some dear friends and having some meetings at our CBN office in VA Beach. I was blessed to reconnect with two families who became close friends to me through their adoption processes in Ukraine- 2 years ago! I continue to count all these adoptive families I've come to know and love over the years as such a blessing in my life, and having walked through the adoption journey with them I feel extra connected- in a weird maternal sort of way-- and I'm not even a mother!

With Erin- adopted in '06 and Katya-adopted 1 month ago

With Luda and Galina Hughes- adopted in 2006

Then it was back to Kiev and straight back to work. In many ways it seemed like I had never left! I've been working on a special play with the senior girls at the High School where I direct drama, and our performances are next weekend. So nothing like just getting back and putting the final touches on a full length play! Life is full to say the least. My girls have been doing great and we are really excited for this coming weekend and are hoping for full audiences.

I was also able to connect with another Colorado family I've come to know (via email) who was here adopting 2 kids that we had brought over on previous hosting trips. Again, another blessing to get to meet them and be a witness yet again to the miracle of adoption.

With Jim Volf and 2 new kids, Joshua and Ashley
(wife Kari already at home)
So hopefully I can get back to this blogging thing again -to keep everyone updated on the happenings here in Ukraine--both the mundane and the extraordinary!


Evie's Story said...

Hey dearest...lets catch a visit this week. Dying to talk after your last e-mail. Youve been heavy on my heart and Im praying for you dear!
....and that baby looks good on you:-)

Love you!

Natasha said...

How funny - I was just going to say "Girl, you look like one hot momma with that little baby in your arms" when I saw the first comment. :)
Can't wait to see you. Your mom hasn't responded to my e-mail; I'll try to either call you or e-mail you this week and maybe you could give me her phone number. I'll also try the church directory, to see if maybe it's in there.
Later, darlin'!

Melani Lyons said...

Hi Karen! Can't wait to hear how "Waiting for the Parade" went. A big hug to you!

Judy said...

Karen -

Chris Harvey thought we should connect. I just got back from a trip to Kenya and Egypt, teaching drama at a couple of conferences and a workshop. My blog of that trip is at

Sounds like you're doing some great work. Blessings!