Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

Remember that movie from the 80's? Adventures in Babysitting? Well thankfully babysitting my 5 cousins in Kiev is nothing like that-- but it always proves to be a fun little adventure. I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives and love all the roles I get to play-- cousin, older sister, friend, and this week- mother! Now I hope our McDonald's night last night doesn't mean I'm going to be a "push over" of a mom someday. No, I'd like to think it means I'm just a fun babysitter! :) You have to feel a tinge of guilt though when you see the consumption of 5 big macs, fries, cokes and ice-cream cones! Oh well...we went for a nice walk in the park today to burn off those grams of fat! :) It still amazes me how much I love McDonalds so much in Ukraine...when I avoid it like the plague in America. This seems to be the opinion of all the Americans I know in Ukraine. A fact that bonds us!

I even had my first driving experience in Kiev this weekend. Call me brave, or crazy, but I loaded my 5 sweeties into their car and got us all to church on time this morning. You wouldn't think that driving here is a great feat unless you've been here. But in all honestly, Sundays are quite friendly to the novice Kiev driver, so I felt quite confident in my 11 years behind the wheel preparing me for today.

So 5 more days of fun and adventures with these kiddos!


Natasha said...

Oh, Karen - they are SOOO cute!!! I hope we get to meet them next week! :)
Natasha is going to be in Kherson on Tue, and I know you probably won't be able to be there; if Julia does come, will you please e-mail me; that way we're looking for her? Otherwise we'll get a taxi and go to your place. I'll try calling you but it sounds like you might still be kid-sitting. :)

Natasha said...

Okay, never mind - I just got your e-mail; we'll be looking for someone. Thanks Karen!!!

Jim and Kari said...

Cute kiddos! I think the food is better at McDonald's in Ukraine ;) We realized why they don't allow driving until you are 18 in Ukraine, it is a true skill! We are following Natasha's blog and hope they get the referral they want! We had a UOO meeting last night and saw the Camp 2009 kids pictures! They are on my fridge and plans are well underway! Thanks for all that you do on that end to give these kids the opportunity to come! We appreciate you!

Annie said...

The food is certainly better at the McDonald's in Russia....for now.

It interested me that when I first visited the McDonald's in Moscow a few years ago, and there was the mot wonderful SALAD BAR - Yes! Salad bar in McDonalds! (Contradiction of terms?) I was SO disappointed that when we were there this past year the salad bar was gone. However, I gave the "coffee shop" a try - and it was better than any of the ones I go to here in the US. And - the people watching was beyond good.