Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Faces

These are the faces I'll never forget-- the 10 children we brought with us on our US trip for the peformance of "The Old Russian Shoemaker."
Nika...Alla...Oksana...Valery...Sasha...Yana...Vika...Zhenya...Zina...and Dima...
They are back in Kherson now, but their faces continue to be on my mind. Will they be adopted? Will this trip have made a lasting impact on them? Will those that they met continue to pray for them? Will they seek after God?
These are the questions I have and the direction of my prayers. Please continue to pray for these children- each of these faces represents another 10,000 like them living in Ukraine.


Heidi and Felix said...

I think you know how we feel about one of those ten. We met her because of you...and our Father's divine hand. She will come home!

Yes, I too think about those thousands of children back in Ukraine. I am glad that they have you there bringing delight to their lives and reminding us that we can all make a difference, one child at a time.


Debbie said...

They are so precious! I'm glad you got to spend the time with them. They were certainly blessed by I'm sure you were by them.

We are praying for Zina to come home to where she belongs. Little Nika stands out to me; will pray for her, too...for all the kids. They need families!

Natasha said...

Karen - you are such a blessing!!!
Hope we can adopt at least one of them in just over a month. :)
See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

I would be interested in learning more about the play you put on with the kids. I am from a Ukrainian church in Harrisburg Pa and would be interested in having a performance at our church in the future. I couldn't find your email so please email me.


Annie said...

Are these children available for adoption? How would one find them?

Karen said...

some of these kids are available-- not all of them-- if someone was interested they could email me directly and I could tell them more. Almost all these kids have siblings as well.