Sunday, July 5, 2009

Village Life…

The 10 day camp that we recently had was in Kolinenska, Ukraine—an isolated village of about 1,500 people.  IMG_3470 After living in a city of about 5 million it was just a slight change of pace!!   There were 15 people on our team and for the duration of the camp we stayed in the home of 2 local Ukrainian missionary girls- in their 3 room house!  Yes, 15 people in a 3 room house.  Did I mention that there was no running water either?  :)

IMG_3750 We got to experience the village joys of getting water from the well!  What amazed me was that I actually got used to it.  I gained a ton of respect for these two young women who work and serve in this village and I’m humbled by the amount of effort that goes into just living day to day life.  Whether getting their own water from a well, getting milk from the neighbor’s cow, or having to wait for the water to heat up before you can take a bucket shower—I was truly humbled by their day to day life and all that they’ve given up to serve the kids in the 2 orphanages there.IMG_3842 IMG_3453

I do have to say the peacefulness was refreshing. After all, everyone loves to see ducks, cows, goats and geese while out on their morning walk! 

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Natasha said...

Aaah - the wells! Those are now gone in Slatino, where I grew up. We had one right in our front yard; we dug it (my parents hired 2 guys to do it) when I was a young teenager. It was kind of sad to me that it was gone when we went there.