Sunday, July 5, 2009

Return to Russia- part 1: Moscow


I first visited Russia in the summer of 2003 for 6 weeks with the summer missions program at Seattle Pacific University.  It is so hard to believe that a full 6 years have passed since my first exposure to this part of the world.  I’ve been meaning to get back to Russia for some time -to see it with new eyes.  My trip in 2003 was my first cross Atlantic adventure and I was overwhelmed by all the things I saw, heard (and didn’t understand) and smelled for the first time!  Little did I know that trip would be the first chapter of  the life I would begin a little over a year later.  Looking back, that first trip seems like ages ago. IMG_4191If anything this opportunity getting to go back was a gift from God- a gift to be able to reflect on all that has happened in the last 6 years- the places I’ve been, the people  I’ve met, the fact that I can now speak and comprehend the Russian language!  I stand back amazed at how the Lord has been at work in my life the past 6 years- and for some reason going back to Russia seemed to bring that all to the forefront of my mind. It reminded me of his faithfulness- of the immense blessings he has poured out in my life!

IMG_4134 My dear friend and former roommate Lena, is now living with her husband in Moscow- so thus the impetus of the trip!  It was wonderful getting to stroll the crazy streets of this larger than life city with Lena and Denis and see also how my sweet friend is so much in love and enjoying married life.  When I was in Moscow in ‘03, Red Square had been blocked off because of terrorist threats- so I made sure to have several moments of glory standing in the center of it on this trip! 

IMG_3870     IMG_4073










IMG_4158 It was also fun to introduce Lena and Denis to Starbucks!! No, it hasn’t made it to Kiev- but Starbucks opened a little over a year ago in Moscow. Lena had seen all my coffee cupsIMG_4161 in our apartment when we lived together- so was excited to have her first Starbucks experience with a girl from Seattle!  On average all the drinks were about $2 more than you’d pay in the US—but oh well- we all thoroughly enjoyed our over priced Frappachinos! :)

IMG_4102 IMG_4195IMG_4499

It was a sweet time with sweet friends…from Moscow it was up to St. Petersburg to do some more reconnecting!

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Natasha said...

I love your black and white skirt - SOOOO cute!!! So glad you two had fun. I can totally relate things/smells bringing back memories... :)
Love ya! Natasha