Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Shoes!

09 Jun OP Ukraine- summer shoes 13

When our team of volunteers arrived to put on the camp for the kids in the Kolinenska orphanage, the terrible state of the children’s shoes was hard to overlook. With temperatures around 90 degrees, the children were playing outside in their slippers, worn-out fall shoes, or with no shoes at all.

09 Jun OP Ukraine- summer shoes  04 09 Jun OP Ukraine- summer shoes 02

Our  team decided that if these kids were going to be able to enjoy running around and participating in the camp activities then they would need something different on their feet.

 09 Jun OP Ukraine- summer shoes  06So after a trip to the nearest city’s market, our van returned with shoes in all colors and sizes- for all the kids.  Instead of just giving the shoes to the kids though- we had them earn tickets to get their own pair (aren’t we crafty!)  We had an afternoon of games in which the kids earned tickets and then at the end of the game they got to “purchase” their sandals (for a fair price :) ).  The kids were quick to line up to buy their new pair!


09 Jun OP Ukraine- summer shoes 15

It was funny to walk around the playing field after the kids all got their new sandals, as there were abandoned old shoes everywhere!  A site to be seen. 

09 Jun OP Ukraine- summer shoes 18


chris and kristina said...

Dear Friend,
I've just now had a moment to catch up on your blog. What an amazing woman you are with such a loving and insightful heart for others that continues to trust in the Lord and inspires others to do so as well. We LOVED sharing our journey with you and are SO THANKFUL for your friendship.
Love from the us all,

Christine said...

Love the pictures of the shoes!

Kari said...

Maybe a good place to find some UOO campers for next summer? Sounds like their needs are great.