Sunday, May 24, 2009

You Can’t Take it With You!


Last  weekend was the spring production at Kiev Christian Academy.  This year I directed the classic comedy “You Can’t Take it With You.”  It was a really fun production- the biggest one I’ve done yet, with a cast of 17 students.  IMG_0840It was quite the undertaking but when all was said and done it turned out fabulous!  As always we had great audiences, and everyone was so complementary of the actors. It amazes me that with a high school consisting of 60 students there can be so much talent. I just love these kids. 

IMG_0992 My cousins Honnah and Logan both had parts in this production, so of course I was extra proud of them and they both did amazing work.  This was also the final performance for all the seniors, who I began directing when they were all freshmen. It felt very rewarding to see them come so far and I will greatly miss them.  There were 11 seniors involved in this production so their absence will be missed next year. IMG_1010 Perhaps next year I’ll direct a smaller show—I could use a break after such a large undertaking.  But perhaps I’ll change my mind once the dust from this production settles!


Here are a few more photos from their wonderful production.IMG_1125

IMG_0900 IMG_1100










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Natasha said...

You all look fabulous!!! You are amazing, hope you know it! ;)
Love ya and miss you tons.