Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time with my mom and dad around Kiev

IMG_0636As I’m writing this my parents are now on a flight from England back to Seattle….I’m still processing the fact that their two weeks with me is already over- when we’d all been anticipating it for so long!  IMG_0603 My mom and dad arrived on May 8th and got to spend the first week following me around Kiev as I ran about like a mad woman trying to put the final touches on the spring play I was directing (see post above).  We did manage to see a few sights during the days and my parents very graciously sat through many last minute rehearsals and dress rehearsals. I even put them to work constructing curtains for the window and arch way on our set.  Reminded me of the days when my mom was the stage mom when I was in high school! 

IMG_1081 It was such a blessing to have my parents see my day-to-day life and experience all the random things that I’m apart of here in Ukraine.  From riding on the metro and mini-buses to walking up my five flights of stairs and about 2 miles every day they saw and did it all!  IMG_0723 I even had them be adventurous one day and I dropped them off at the zoo so they wouldn’t have to sit through a 2nd dress rehearsal. Kinda funny to tell my students I left my parents at the zoo! But they navigated their way to a grocery store and home to my apartment with no problems. Not too bad! 

DSCN1777 DSCN2122

IMG_0693 IMG_1049


Amber Lont said...

Sooo good to read about all your adventures and to see all the fun you had with your parents. Great chatting with you today on the phone. Stay tuned for an update on baby's sex...well hopefully. Kyle said he's kind of changed his mind and maybe doesn't want to open it...errr. I got some convincing to do. Love you!

Natasha said...

It looks so nice there this time of year! Love your pictures - looks like you enjoyed each other very much. Love you!

Kelly said...

love you friend! so glad your trips went well!! miss you already!!

Annie said...

I see where you get your beauty from! Your mom is a photogenic as you are.