Saturday, May 2, 2009

Russian Speaking Barbie- take 2

DSC02881 Sometimes I just have to laugh at the things I end up doing in this country! Things I never anticipated. Playing a Russian speaking “Barbie” is one of those things!  Last weekend I traveled again with our mission’s concert team/acting group to perform with them in 2 different children evangelizations in eastern Ukraine.  

I hadn’t taken part in one of their productions since the fall- so I was a little rusty. I quickly re-memorized my part on the over night train ride, but our schedule didn’t allow us for any time to practice together before hand- so although DSC02910 I memorized what to say I was a little clueless as to when to say it… really an important acting lesson I should have learned years ago!! So I guess I fit the blonde “Barbie” role quite well, as there would be this big awkward silence on stage and then all the other characters would look at me—and then I’d think to myself- - “oh! I guess this is when I speak!”  I don’t think I ruined it too much as the little girls still wanted my autograph after the show. It still amazes me what a pretty dress and a title will do to give you sudden fame.

One word you have to learn early on in Ukraine is “gipkost” translated that means- flexibility! One of our performances found us having to re-figure and perform outside on the street.  Apparently this is not normal for our concert team- but since I’m not with them often, it didn’t seem like too big a deal for me. DSC02889 The mayor of the city didn’t want a Christian production being done in the Cultural performing center- but didn’t say so until 2 hours before we were supposed to perform! So when challenges come your way you get creative. So much for lights, sound and the set! We just went back to our Greek theatrical roots and performed outside. It was great! About 150 kids gathered round to watch and loved every moment of it.

In case you are curious about what the indoor version looked like, watch the clip below. The sound isn’t very good- but you wouldn’t understand what I was saying anyway!  Basically I’m the Barbie doll and the other guy is a teddy bear. We just turned from being toys to being alive in this scene. Enjoy!


Debbie said...

How fun! I'm sure the children just loved your performances.

Kelly said...

You are perfect for the job!! Love you friend!

Natasha said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!!!

I almost called you this morning!.. We finally got a hold of Oksana's 3 brothers. Still haven't gotten a hold of Vitalik though...
I've got to tell you all about our adjustment period! :)
Love you. Natasha

Evie's Story said...

YOur Russian is impressive Karen! You are too cute!

When are we going to get that heart to heart?

Deb said...

Wow Karen! It's a whole side to you that we never got to see in Ukraine!

I love it!

Charlene said...

I loved your Barbie performance! I miss you and that crazy country you live in! Love, Charlene