Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lena & Dennis' Wedding~ September 27th

My beautiful roommate Lena got married yesterday to a wonderful man named Dennis. I got to stand as the witness (like a maid of honor in the US) and watch her wonderful day unfold. It was a blessing to help put this wedding together and see how great everything turned out...even if just about all the details (including the location) were decided in the last week. Lena has been a wonderful roommate and friend for the last two years-- I'm sad to not have her with me anymore- but so excited for her future ahead. I've seen her grow and mature so much in the last two years, and her friendship has become so dear to me. Here are some fun photos from our wedding fun this weekend.


Tyler and Kelly said...

Absolutely beautiful!! You are....a true friend! Praying for you dear one!

Annie said...

How lovely! And thank you for sharing. You know what! I think that is precisely what weddings should be.

I know that once my husband proposed, that the line was crossed. After that sexual morality became much, much more difficult. A quick wedding was the thing to do! It is the courtship that should be lengthy, not the engagement. That is one thing I don't like about my church - the requirement that engaged couples call the church 9 months in advance.

And that just plays into the American idea, which I abhor, that a wedding is "my day" and something more like a big studio movie than a sacred celebration. There is so much money spent and so many really stupid expectations that brides easily fall into "bridezilla" mode. Seems very, very wrong to me. Whereas - look at this very lovely and happy planned-in-a-week wedding!