Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby oh Baby!

My time in the US this summer may have well been called a baby blitz! As that was what I did-- I spent my time meeting many new babies of some of my dearest friends. Above is a little collage to highlight some of these visits. All of them are pretty darn cute! (Top L Kesley, the baby of my friend Britliese)(Top C, Hayden my best friend Amber's new little guy who was born in June) (All three pictures on the far R are my most darling nephew Caleb) 2nd row left is my friend Katie's little girl Evangeline, middle space is my friend Christine and her new baby Avery-- who I actually got to meet in the hospital, she decided to be born right before I left- so I was glad about that! Bottom Left is my dear friend Annamarie's baby girl, Alaina- who I met first in December- but got some more sweet time with in August. And last in the bottom center is my friend Mandy's baby Evangeline (Evie) who was born in January and is a true miracle baby! Mandy and I became dear friends in Kiev but she is now in the US with her family in SC and I got to pay them a visit on my way back to Kiev. To read more about her Evie's miracous story visit So that's the baby blitz!!! Needless to say my arms were VERY full!!
Below are some other fun pictures from my time at home! Enjoy!! :)
my 3 best friends and our babies...oh wait I had to steal one so that I could have a baby too!

my dear college roommate Danielle came up from California!
with my brother and Caleb
my sister-in-law Heather
Annamarie, Amber, Tara and I
grandpa and Caleb!

my cousin Honnah and I at the horse tracks

with Mama and Caleb in the pool
Beautiful Seattle


Debbie said...

Oh, wow--you sure got your baby fix! :-) How fun.

I hope to meet you one day. My husband and I are friends of Heidi and Felix's. It's been great to follow along on your blog; we so want to come to Ukraine and love the kids!

Annie said...

You are the most photogenic person imaginable! Well downright beautiful , too.

Jill and Robb said...

Such a wonderful job with your new blog! I love reading about your journey in Ukraine. Erica started 7th grade and Ella 3rd grade this year. We are having great sunny warm weather this week in Seattle. If you ever stop by Teremok Orphanage let the caregivers know Ella is doing great. Keep up the great blogging and photography.