Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Walking through an Adoption...

Tonight I will be heading out on the midnight train with the family I am helping with an adoption. Monique and Zenon arrived on Saturday and after an introductory weekend to Kiev they had their appointment at the State Adoption Department (SDA) yesterday.

Monique and Zenon in front of the SDA

I waited patiently outside the building as they went in to their appointment with our lawyer Valery, and prayed that God would give them wisdom as to which children they were to choose from the files layed before them. I still can't imagine what it must feel like to pick your future children from photographs and files layed before you on a table. They emmerged from the office with smiles on their faces and ready to head to Western Ukraine to adopt 3 siblings-- two boys aged 11 and 10 and a girl, 7. So I head out tonight with them on the train to go meet the kids tomorrow! Please pray for us...and for these kids-- their whole lives are about to change...FOREVER!!

Monique and I enjoying ice-cream in the center

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