Monday, June 23, 2008

Graduation Time!

Pretty dresses, fancy hair styles, manicures and make-up- the things most teenage girls count on for a special occasion. And graduation from high school in Ukraine is one such special occasion when girls put much effort into looking their best. With lavish ball gowns, and cascading curls, the Ukrainian graduation day tends to resemble an American high school prom more than a typical western graduation! And for orphanage graduation it is no different-- they too want to look their best and dress to the nines!

Our staff in Kiev has been working with the older orphans at Radomeshal orphanage (about an hour from Kiev) for the last year, and we decided to make their graduation day extra special by giving the 9 graduating girls a day of beauty. So we went early in the morning armed with shampoo, hairdryers, curling irons, nail-polish and make-up and set to work. This was my second year doing the hair and make-up for graduates of this orphanage, and I have to say it is fun to see the transformation take place-- the girls really get into it and have so much fun. Girls are matter what matter what social status.

It is a sobering fact to know that these girls didn't have the moms and dads waiting afterwards to give them hugs and congratulations...and the future that awaits these 16-year-old graduates is uncertain. Most have gone through our life skills traning and they have developed some relationships with some positive adult role-models...but like all things in life, nothing is for certain. My prayer is that God will guide their steps and they will seek to know him more.

The girls graduating from Radomeshal


Monique said...

Here in Ternopol we saw lots of beautiful girls in dresses and boys decked out in suits and ties. There are 2000 students in this city and they parade down the main street and have a huge graduation in the city stadium. It did look like going to prom!

Heidi & Felix said...

Karen, I'm sitting at our kitchen table with L&T with tears running down my face. The girls are coloring in Strawberry Shortcake and Hello Kitty coloring books...I cannot imagine the oldest one on the street in little more than two years. They are too young to be on their own! God bless you for all the work you do for the children.

ukrainiac said...

What a great day! Thanks for helping to make it even more special.