Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Miracle of Adoption

It truly amazes me how one moment 3 children can be living in an orphanage, doing their day to day routine and the next moment a family can show up and change their lives forever...offering them a home, love and consistency that they have never known. This is the miracle I witnessed yesterday as we arrived in Ternopil and Zenon and Monique met their newest children for the first time. It wasn't some magical moment where the kids came leaping and bounding into the parents arms or anything like that, but it was very real all the same.
The kids were confused and a little timid at first, not understanding what was going on, but as the afternoon passed and their understanding of adoption began to increase they warmed up and began to ask questions about living with this new family in America. Ruslan is 11, Yuri is 9 and little Alina, with her missing front teeth is 7. I sat as an observer for most of the afternoon, feeling a bit like the paparazzi as I was secretly snapping pictures of the kids getting acquainted with mama and papa for the first time. But more than anything I felt blessed. After two years of waiting with this couple, and two years of doors closing and documents expiring, I had the honor of sitting there and watching the beginning of a new chapter in the life of this family.

It amazes me just how God has been in the details of this adoption every step of the way. For over two years this couple has waited, frustrated that they were not getting to submit documents, when their hearts desire was just to adopt! Why did it take so long? On Monday at the appointment when they selected the children, God's timing became evident when learning that these 3 little ones just became registered for international adoption 3 months ago. It rather puts the waiting in perspective. We don't always get to see the eternal perspective-- but this was a small glimpse and a testimony and reminder to God's perfect timing.

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Heidi & Felix said...

Karen, thank you for all of the wonderful things you have done for the children of Ukraine. I wish we had you as a facilitator for adoption, but we understand that you must put your efforts were God has planned. In a way, you were a facilitator for us during our April visit. You made the trip less stressful for us and put us at ease for the duration. We are happy that we got to meet you and make lifelong friends, not having to wait until heaven. We hope to see you soon, perhaps this summer. Come see us in Colorado whenever you can. You have a bed and friends always waiting. We will definately see you every trip in the future to Ukraine. Even after our adoption(s), our work will not be finished in Ukraine. God bless you, Karen. You are truley one of God's fathful servants.

Felix & Heidi Rogé

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