Thursday, July 11, 2013

Special guests

3 weeks ago we had a special group of CBN donors descend on Ukraine.  I say descend, because when a group of 40 people arrive as your 'guests' it can feel like quite the entourage of people! :)

I was privileged to help coordinate this trip that was organized to show some of our top donors the projects they are helping to support in Ukraine.  This was my first experience organizing such a large event--and a traveling one at that!  The trip was a mixture of touring and service projects and a chance for our partners to learn more about the work of CBN and Orphan's Promise in Ukraine.

exploring the beauty of Kiev.

It was a FULL 10 days too! While our special guests were in Ukraine we were able to dedicate a water well at a Kiev Children's Home (Father's House), host a children's festival at our medical clinic that services the poor of Kiev, travel to Western Ukraine and help construct a children's play ground at one of the gypsy camps we work in, and meet and pray with numerous families. 

well dedication at Father's House

face-painting at the children's medical clinic

food distribution in one of the communities
The poverty in these gypsy camps never ceases to astound me.  Though this group of partners only spent one day doing physical labor and meeting with families, I am comforted in knowing that our team on the ground remains-- daily meeting needs in this community.   We have a school that is teaching 180 kids- who prior to attending these classes couldn't even read or write!  And the kids are getting lunch provided 5 days a week!!  This is HUGE for this community- where many struggle to feed their children each day.

Children's program in another gypsy community

Please continue to pray-- we still need funds to expand and grow--- one of the biggest needs being the building of a new school facility which will allow us to educate more kiddos.

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