Friday, July 12, 2013

Homeward bound...with 9 little friends :)

This year marks the 3rd year of helping to organize a hosting trip in partnership with Window to Hope- a hosting program a friend of mine and I started at my home church in Washington.

This year we will be bringing 9 kids-- all of who arrived in Kiev today!  We head to Seattle tomorrow where we will be for the next 4 weeks staying in host families.  (My host family just happens to me named 'mom and dad' :))  It is truly a privileged to get to bring these kids home with me as it is not only a chance for the kids to experience another culture and the love of a family, but it exposes these families to the needs of orphans world wide.   God has done some amazing things through this program already and I can't wait to see what He will do this year.

From the moment the kids got off the train today they were a buzz with more questions about what America will be like. 

My favorite conversation of the morning was with our youngest traveler, Pasha:

Pasha:  So you'll be with us on the plane tomorrow, right?
Me:  Yes, Of course
Pasha:  So you know how to speak American?
Me:  Yes, Of course I do.
Pasha: Wow! So you know a lot of words then?
Me:  Yes...a lot of words....
Pasha:  Wow...

I found it very endearing that he was surprised that the American spoke 'American' :)  It seemed like I may have earned some points for being 'smart!' :)

We had fun exploring the city center, playing in the fountains and visiting a children's museum.  And then where better to finish the day???


They're choice.

So I guess their first McDonald's experience won't have to be in America afterall! :)

Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks! 


Tara G. said...

It's better to have McD's there. Somehow, it tastes better. I miss cheese lavash. Happy Trails!

Natasha Jones said...

Love all the pics!!!

Oksana Gorbunova said...

It is very good group. Great kids! Natasha, you will have fun with them. Blessings.

Natasha Jones said...

Oksanochka, thank you so much!!! You girls ROCK!!!