Monday, March 4, 2013

Spirit of Adoption Sweeps across Ukraine

Here is a link to the story the CBN world news aired on our Orphan Summit.
It is a wonderful piece, so I'd encourage you take a few minutes to watch! :)

Spirit of Adoption Sweeps across Ukraine - World - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -


Lisa Grace said...

I have been praying for Ukraine for 2 years now, every since God put the country and its children on our hearts. We are heading back for the second time in a couple of months to once again adopt. I long for the day when there will be no children left for us to return for, because God has put all the lonely in families...and then we'll just get to live there and love the people! Thanks for keeping us updated :)

Tara G. said...

Blesses my heart to see how the nation has been turning around on this front! Love you and the work you're doing!!!