Wednesday, March 6, 2013

English Wedding

I had the joy to fly off for a week to London a couple weeks ago for my friend Jenny's wedding.  I've known Jenny for about 5 years or so, as she has made numerous short term trips to Ukraine working with orphans.  She has become a dear friend and I was thrilled to celebrate her special day with her. And it was the added bonus to be able to be in one of my favorite cities in the world.....


I love everything about London.  The buildings, the buses, the sights, the tube, the trains, the tea, the people.   Okay, I don't love the prices.  But other then that, I would love to live there.  For now, it will remain my favorite place to visit.

 The wedding was simply beautiful! Jenny is English and her now husband Rudi, is South African, so it was wonderful to be able to attend such an international wedding!  I arrived a few days early so I was able to help with some of the decorations and such. I love weddings-- and this one was lovely. So much honor and glory given to the Lord and so much LOVE just radiating between these two amazing individuals.

The bride and her mother with all the 'foreign' guests (I love her hat!!) 

I managed to see a little bit of the city while I was there....before I had to run back to Kiev! :)


Tara G. said...

Aw, congrats to Jenny and what a fun trip!! Love your photos!

DDurand said...

Karen - Thanks for your wonderful blog and for what God has you doing in Ukraine. I am a public school teacher and have made nine trips to Ukraine since 2008 serving in a variety of mission arenas, but none more rewarding than the trip I led last summer to an Orphan Camp near Chervonograd. My team and I were changed forever by that experience.
Our church (Clear Creek Community in League City, TX) is hoping to expand our vision in Ukraine and I will be there with a team in Lutsk for a week and then I will be staying for a couple of weeks to talk with pastors and church planters in Kyiv and Cherkassy.
I have a good friend in Kyiv who works as Peter Billingham's assistant at CVCIS (Christian Vision). I know one of their initiatives is One Hope. I hope to visit with them and a young church planter named Oleg Bogomaz and a teenaged ministry worker named Andriy Kolbovsky. If you had any other contacts in this area, I would love any information you could provide.
I will be praying for "Your Kids"! May God shower you with his richest blessings.
Dave Durand