Monday, September 24, 2012

Window to Hope

Last year you may remember me talking about our Window to Hope hosting project and the kiddos we brought to my home church in Washington state.  Well this year we did it again, though with a smaller crew of kids from Ukraine.  Long story, but we ran into several issues with documents in Ukraine and as a result were only able to bring 6 kids on the 3 week hosting trip.

Nevertheless it was a fun-filled 3 weeks and the kids of course loved all things America!  I'll have a special story to share in a couple two of these boys are currently in process for adoption and will be having their family come for them VERY soon!

Here is a little window into some of our summer activities....

Thank you to all who supported this endeavor! We couldn't have done it without the donations that came in from across the US.  I love seeing people come out of the woodwork to help with this project. I was so blessed when I learned that a very old friend from jr high/sr. high days heard we were coming (and gave last year) and offered to organize an entire event for our kids and families.  We had a whole evening at a ranch thanks to the connections of this friend-- who I hadn't even seen in years! It was so awesome to see the body of Christ stepping forward and pouring out love left and right.  Such a cool experience.

Till next time...

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