Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jesus Storybook Bibles for Orphans!

I'm excited to share with you a great opportunity to give in a very practical way! 

Last Christmas, through Orphan's Promise we had the joy of distributing the The Jesus Storybook Bible among orphans in the Kherson region.  This is a delightful children's Bible, that I highly recommend checking out in English if you have small children at home.  I have a copy in Russian and I just love the way that the author weaves the promise of Jesus throughout the Old Testament and into the New.  Many are saying it is one of the best children's Bibles out there....and I think I agree!Well thanks to In Lumine Media the book is now in the Russian language, and several partner organizations here in Ukraine are teaming up to do a wide-spread distribution to Ukrainian orphans, so that every orphan in every orphanage will have their very own copy of the Bible!

For just $3 you can provide an orphan in Ukraine with a Children's Bible! (Sounds a bit like an informercial I realize :) ...but seriously-- the book retails at $16 in the USA- however the costs are being off-set here to make this affordable.  So that even a child can give!

The plan for now is to raise enough funds so that at Easter we can have a wide-scale distribution through local churches and ministries.  So would you consider in donating to a very worthy cause?  You can visit this site to find out more information and to download printable material, like the poster above, so that your whole church can get involved!

Orphan Sunday is coming up on November 4th-- so this would be a great cause to support in your churches or small groups!

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Jamie said...

I am happy to see you blogging again :-) I hope you had a great time here in the States! We literally just finished the Jesus Story Bible with our kids a few days ago. A friend bought it for us and we are so grateful for it. I agree, one of the best out there! Thank you for sharing this and giving us another tangible way we can help orphans!


Colleen said...

Hi! I just happened to find your site while researching orphan statistics for Ukraine... I am so excited to "meet" you!" We have been home from UA for a month now with our new daughter, and we use the Jesus Story Bible at home with our other children. I was wondering if you can help me find a copy in Russian for our sweet girl like your ministry is giving to children there... if you can't, I understand- I just thought maybe you'd have a contact here that we could buy one from. :) Thank you for the work that you are doing there- we will add you to our prayer list, and maybe we can meet up when we return! :)

Karen said...

Hi Colleen...this is great!
I will see if there is a way to get these books. I do have some here I could send-- but will look into it and see if there is an option in the US.
Here is my email: you can just email me to follow up there.