Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spring....into Summer!

Well my lack of posting is a testament to the kind of spring I have had-- very full!!

I spent the bulk of May putting together the final touches of our spring play at Kiev Christian Academy- "Pride & Prejudice"- it was a lot of work and a lot of fun and in the end turned out to be an amazing production.  This is my little creative outlet here in Kiev, teaching drama in my 'spare' time. This was my 8th production with KCA and by far one of the most complicated.  We had an awesome Ukrainian seamstress make all the costumes, and as you can see- she was fabulous.

with my darling cast!
The Bennett Family!
Elizabeth finally gives in...

Now it is 1:30 am on the eve before heading to camp and I find myself posting this blog instead of in bed where I should be! Last the story seems to go. But just wanted to send out a quick update to say you can be praying for our team as we head to the Kalinenska orphanage in Kherson region. This will be our 4th year doing a day camp with the kids in the orphanage there and we are excited to get back and build on the years of relationships developed.

last year at camp

Please pray for:

*open hearts and ears
*leading by the Holy Spirit
*healing of hearts
*safety of team and kids

Will look forward to sharing more when I return!

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Natasha Jones said...

Bless you, dearest friend! It was fun hanging out with you that late at night, but it looks like you squeezed a few more things in! :) Praying for you, your group and the kids at camp.