Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finding a place to call home

Last summer we brought 13 kids on a hosting trip to Seattle through a project called Window to Hope that we began through my home church (Northshore) last year.  Two of those girls were adopted in March  by a Northshore family and another 3 are nearing the day when they too will finally leave the orphanage for good and have a place to call HOME.

Some of you who have been following along for several years may remember the story of Oksana Faith who was adopted by a family in my church 3 years ago.  Well, when the Jones family hosted through our program last summer, they did not expect that they would soon be walking down the adoption path again...except not to bring home just one child....but THREE! When the kids first left the Jones did think they were in a place to adopt again, but after a couples months of waiting an praying they got the green light to move ahead.  When I got the news it was shock mixed with joy! So the Jones family will go from having 3 to 6 children in just a few short weeks!  Amazing what God can do.

My heart is over-flowing knowing that these three children will now have a family to love them forever.  To walk with each of them on their individuals roads to healing. I'm even more excited that these smiling faces are being added to my home a total of 6 adopted children from Ukraine will be in their midst! I am continually humbled at the goodness of our God.

Do keep the Jones in your prayers, as they are currently awaiting a court date and this region is known for taking awhile!

This summer we are brining 10 more children to the Seattle area through Window to Hope. You can visit the link to learn more.


Anonymous said...

I follow closely at all times. This one touched home-hard. We're overwhelmed here and are actually doing OK but I'm even more overwhelmed at the growing need...does it ever end? Hoping to do more especially because I know you miss me so much! :)

Tara G. said...

Hey friend- get the documents worked out for the boys? Hope so!!!!

Natasha Jones said...

You sweet, sweet sister! How beautiful is this? :) I am so excited, can't wait to see you again soon! Talk to you tonight. :)