Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gold in Kiev

Lest you be deceived, these products can not be found in Kiev.  But they currently reside in my kitchen.  Thanks to a lovely care package from the US from a friend and another friend's commissary perks (oh to have that!), my pantry and freezer are feeling the love.  I am going to be fooling all my house guests into thinking there is a Starbucks around the corner!

I feel a bit spoiled.

I love it.


Natasha Jones said...

I still think that Nescafe instant coffee is better! :) But glad you finally got your package!

Phyllis said...

I was going to write to you and introduce myself, but I don't have time right now. Instead, I'll just tell you that a while back, my husband bought a bag of Starbucks coffee in Zaporozhye. When we finished it, he refilled the bag with rice, and now it's just part of our kitchen decor. :-)