Friday, October 14, 2011

Celebrating an Adoption Anniversary!

I had my first invitation to 'blog' for someone else this week! My friends Jason and Holly Bollinger adopted 2 precious Ukrainian girls last year, and this week marks their year anniversary of going home with the girls.  Because I played a role in their Ukrainian adoption adventure, they asked if I would contribute to a series of posts celebrating their girls' 1 year anniversary home.  It was a privilege to be asked to share their story from my perspective.

The Bollingers continue to inspire me as they share their adoption story and as spur others on in walking out a relationship with Jesus and reminding us that we always have more love to give.

Happy One Year Anniversary Olivia and Natalia! You are two very blessed little girls!

Click here to visit the Bollinger's blog and to see my 'guest' post! :)

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