Sunday, June 19, 2011

Off to Camp we go...

Well after a very full week of putting on a conference/training for 130 people (more on that later)- we are now off to put on a camp for 70 youth.  Call us crazy for planning two such large events back to back or perhaps we are just living on a lot of FAITH!  One thing is for girls and I are very TIRED.   So please be praying for supernatural strength to be with us as we venture today towards Odessa to begin our 10-day camp.  May our strength and faith be renewed and may our eyes be fixed on the author of perfect PEACE.

last year's camp in Melitople

team of leaders (may the same this year)

We will be working with 8th and 9th grade orphans from the Kherson region and partnering with our dear friends from the ministry Agape to put on this camp. Please please keep our team and these youth in your prayers.  I always need to remind myself it is like going into battle when we do these camps.

these are always put to good use...but for a different kind of battle!
Our prayer is that these kids would have eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to receive all that Jesus has for them.  Will you pray that prayer with us?

We return July 1st and I'm sure to have many stories to share.

Stay tuned....

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Kari said...

Hi, Karen!

I am excited that we are finally going to be able to meet in person this summer!

I saw on your blog that you are going to the Kherson region. If you see any of the Staraya Zburievka kids, specifically Vasya Desna, Natasha Kuzmenko and Sasha Ducsin (Sasha was not a UOO camper, but he is dear to us), please tell them hello from our family!

May God bless your team as you go out to minister to these precious kids.