Monday, September 13, 2010

Move over Katie Couric...

Okay- I know I'm not the next Katie Couric....but I did have my first live TV debut this past week- so I guess that is worthy of a blog post! And if one wouldn't be nervous enough to be on LIVE television in any situation, I had the challenge of doing this in Russian.  

My friend took a web-shot while we were live

There is a TV program that films live weekly out of our TV studio at our ministry office here in Kiev, and they were doing a special program that featured several topics focusing on America. Thus they decided they needed an American guest.  Here is where I enter the picture.  

I can't say I was thrilled to speak on behalf of 'America', but they were in a bind and said my level of Russian would suffice for the program.  Okay I thought to myself...why not add a little adventure to my life? Besides, if I make a complete fool of myself, at least it will only be seen by the Russian speaking world.

I was given a list of topics the night before (to be discussed in a format kinda like The View) and spent hours pouring over internet articles trying to obtain an educated opinion on the various themes to be presented...which were as follows:

1.) Where were you on 9/11 and what was your immediate reaction? (this one I found an easy one to sound intelligent on in Russian, as  I was in NY the week leading up to the attack and flew out on one of the last flights on the 10th-- that made for an interesting perspective!)

2.) The proposed building of the mosque near ground zero...and my personal thoughts

3.) The faith of President Obama (what does he really believe?)

4.) The life and beliefs of British Scientist Steven Hawking

5.) Father's Day in the world and the proposed implementation in Ukraine

6.) A group of orphans that climbed Mt. Rainier this summer with the host of the TV program (this was more of just a news piece then an actual discussion)

Ummm yep- talk about a RANDOM smattering of topics to be covered in a 60 minute program.  4 men, and me, the American girl.  :)

I was stressed out all day leading up to the show. First, I was stressed about making a million grammatical mistakes (despite what you may think, I am far from fluent), second about saying something stupid, and third, and most important, about what shoes and dress pants to wear!! I mean, a girl has to look her best on TV, right??  So after careful consideration I picked out a very cute pair of black shoes and my dark pair of 'skinny' jeans-- thinking that this combination with my white shirt and blazer would make for a nice dressy casual look--professional, but relaxed...  

And wouldn't you know it...I sat behind a desk the whole time! :) Vanity...vanity....all is vanity!

All in all the program went great.  I avoided saying something totally stupid, I was understood, and I managed NOT to spill the glass of water that was placed to my left (another fear once the camera started rolling!)  I actually had a bit of fun and forgot about the fact that we were being filmed!

For those of you that will be amused at watching me banter in Russian with 4 Ukrainian can click on the link below.  You will recognize words such as "America," "Papa," and "Obama"  :)

Don't worry...I won't give up my day-job...not just yet anyway! :)


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! How cool!!!! Is there any way this will be on You Tube so I can watch it? You look so stunning and intelligent!

I'm sure you rocked it!

Donna said...

I agree with Stephanie...and I am amazed by the subject matter that you were able to discuss! I'm sure you were a great roll model...Good going!!!

Natasha said...

You are too modest, and too hard on yourself, sista! You did GREAT!!!
Love you. Natasha