Saturday, September 11, 2010

Glimpses of answered prayer

Meeting Anya in Dec '09

Last December I met a 14-year-old girl named Anya. From the moment I met her, I couldn't get Anya out of my mind.  

We were visiting her orphanage in Kolininska to put on a Christmas program- but in reality we weren't even supposed to be at her orphanage that day- we were supposed to be at the other one in the same village-- the one that at the last minute decided not to let our team come in!  We were quite upset not getting to visit the kids we knew- but decided since we'd come all that way we might as well put on the planned program at the orphanage down the road.... Anya's orphanage.

Anya was super cheerful and came up to me right after our program finished. She seemed very excited to meet an American, as she really wanted to learn English.  As we talked I learned that her younger brother had been adopted abroad- to where she was not sure. Anya also expressed her desire for a family.  The whole time we were talking I was racing through my mind and trying to think of possible families that I know who would be interested in adopting a girl Anya's age. She had stolen my heart within 10 minutes.  

I quickly took down her birthdate and name and made a mental note that I would have a friend of mine check on her adoption status, to see if she was available.  I came back to Kiev and couldn't get her out of my head! I felt like maybe God had us go to that orphanage so I could meet Anya- so I could tell her story and so that she could have a family. So I prayed for that family- and that they would be found. however, I was hesitant to say anything about Anya, as I was waiting to find out her status and didn't want to get my hopes up- incase she wasn't available.  

Winter and spring passed and I was still not able to obtain the information about Anya's availability and as summer began I learned that I would need to write an official letter and submit it to the adoption department to receive an official letter in response.  I remember thinking, I'll do this when summer is over and I have more time and can find a family to write the letter.

This brings me back to our most recent summer camp. At camp I met a girl named Lena. I wasn't initially drawn to her, but as I watched her hang out on the outside of the group and not really 'fit in' to what was going on, I decided to get to know her a bit. 

With Lena at camp in August
One afternoon we were sitting and talking for awhile and she was sharing about her life and how she ended up in the orphanage. Sadly, yet another story of family alcohol abuse, poverty and broken relationships. She then shared about how God had given her a best friend at the orphanage, and how this friend had been the kind of friend you tell your secrets to, the kind you cry with and that understands you. This friend's name was Anya.

 Lena talked about how things were harder right now for her, because Anya was adopted 3 months ago and now Lena didn't have a close friend. 

Suddenly it hit me that Lena was from the same orphanage as the Anya that I had met in December...suddenly the pieces were falling into place.  I asked her the last name of Anya.....and yes- sure enough, it was the very same Anya I had met and had prayed for- the Anya that I had prayed would be given a family.

I sat there, my eyes welling up with tears, simply overwhelmed with God's goodness in showing me this answer to prayer. He didn't have to show me this. I could have just let my glance pass by Lena when I saw her, and not talk to her at all, as I did with other kids at our camp.  But instead the Lord put Lena in my path, and as a result allowed me to be given a glimpse of how he is faithful to answer prayer!  I am humbled.

I reflected over the course of the last 6 months and how I had never been able to find out about her availability and had never told any potential families about Anya. Instead, God had already been at work and had a family picked out for her!  

The story is even better, as I learned that it wast a solid Christian Ukrainian family that adopted Anya.  Apparently the family had adopted another child already, but then the mother was given a strong impression from the Lord to adopt again, specifically an older girl- and when they saw Anya's picture- they knew immediately it was her!  Wow.

God is so faithful. 
Prayers are heard....and answered!

"But you, O God, do see trouble and grief; you consider it to take it in hand.  The victim commits himself to you; you are the helper of the fatherless.

" Psalm 10:14


Bryna Brown said...

Amazing story Karen! Thank you for sharing...Gods faithfulness always brings tears to my eyes!

Donna said...

Goosebumps! I just lve your blog and hope you are saving your stories for a remarkable book someday. It is such a strong testimony to the Lord and faith and the power of prayer. Thanks for your work...keep blogging!!! You never know who might read and be affected.

Heidi and Felix said...

Thanks for sharing your stories with us Karen! I never tire of reading them. Love you!

Natasha said...

Aaawh, Karen - I'm all teary-eyed! Thank you for the reminder to pray for all those kids that need families. One of them at a time, girl, one at a time...
We can't save them all, but we can save at least some, right?
Love you and miss you.

Selene said...

Beautiful! I am so glad I am pursuing adoption!