Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New friends...

One of the things I love about living amidst the international community and adoption community in Ukraine is that I continually get to meet new people, and as a result I often make new life long friends! It's a very transient community over here among internationals and it always amazes me how you can develop friendships so quickly--maybe because you have to!   For those of you who have lived any amount of time in a different country, you understand how refreshing it can be to spend time with other people from your home country- and find some bit of normalcy. For me it is a double blessing when these people are also passionate about Jesus and adoption!!

One such couple was recently brought into my life. Jason and Holly have been in Ukraine for the past month pursuing adoption, and our paths crossed through some connections in this ever so entangled blogging world in which I write! :)

I met Jason, Holly and their adorable son Jacob for dinner a little over a week ago, and after spending a couple times hanging out with them, I did what you do with most perfect strangers-- invited them to live with me for awhile!! :)   And they did what you do when an almost stranger offers such a proposal-- they accepted.  So- meet Jason, Holly and Jacob- my new roommates for the week! This couple has been on quite an adoption roller-coaster already and have had to remain in Kiev longer than most--hence their readiness to accept my offer.  To read more about their story you can visit their blog. 

It has been great getting to know them and hearing their story about how the Lord led them to the adoption journey in Ukraine.  We've had several late nights around the dinner table talking about all things Ukraine, adoption, missions, books, the Bible, and following Jesus.  I've also gained a new appreciation for Texas in the meantime! Please keep Holly and Jason in prayer today and tomorrow as they will be having their very important final meeting at the adoption department and are needing the Lord's peace and guidance about the child(ren) they will be adding to their family.


Heidi and Felix said...

That's good stuff! Thank you for all the help you have given us on our past adoption trips! I'm gonna miss that Old Blue Couch! :) See ya next year!


Donna said...

How great for them to have you for support...you are a very special friend!!

KatieKrombein said...

How fun to have roommates. :) Was just thinking about you and praying for you and thought I would check your blog...we were out berry picking by your parents house this am. Miss you, my friend.