Monday, January 4, 2010

Sweet Reunions

I've been having fun getting caught up with family and friends while I'm home, but one of the sweetest moments was seeing Oksana Jones for the first time at my home church. Many of you may remember when I wrote about Oksana when she was being adopted by a couple from my home church last winter.
Well now she is home and speaking beautiful English! When I said goodbye to her in April I told her she'd be speaking English the next time I saw her. She didn't believe me at the time, but I was right! She is doing awesome with her language. It amazes me how quick these kiddos learn!
We had a very sweet reunion at church on Christmas Eve! And my dad and her dad had a fun time capturing the moment on camera! It was a very special moment seeing her for the first time.

I also got to spend the day with their family at home over the new year. When I walked in, Oksana said, "will you do my hair like yours?" Next her little sister Kylie wanted her hair done, and then we decided Natasha needed to join us as well, so I taught Oksana how to do her Mom's hair. Never knew I could start a fashion trend so quickly!
It was awesome getting to spend the day with them and just catch up on life.
I love you Jones family and feel blessed to be a part of your journey!!

our 'fancy' hairstyles!


Natasha said...

Hey sweets - I REALLY want that second pic of you and Oksana!!! That is soooo precious!!!
Also, looks like I somehow "lost" all of the pics from your previous trips with Oksana - any chance I could get those (again)?
We loved having you over, and I hope we can get together once again, before you go back... Love you, friend!!!

chris and kristina said...

WOW! Beautiful hair and beautiful girls! So special to see you with the Jones'. I can't wait to chat.
Love you,

Heidi and Felix said...

Yeah! It looked like a wonderful reunion! I'll have to dig up one of my old pix of Karen with Natasha in Kherson - it's one of my favorites.


Natalie said...

it's great!!!!!!!! you look wonderful. I wish I could be there with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!