Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Highlights of 2009

While I've been at home as I was able to do a presentation in my church about my life in Ukraine and the
recent happenings in ministry and in life. I put together this little video as a 'highlight' of sorts for 2009 and
thought I'd share it here as well for you all to get a different kind of glimpse.
The song I used, "Albertine" by Brooke Fraiser has become quite special to me. She wrote the song after
a trip to Rwanda and was convicted by the Lord to share the stories of those she met...specifically a girl
named Albertine. Her song has reminded me that it is the faces that matter-- it is their stories that matter.
That's why I try to share them here with you all.

So take a look into the eyes I was privledged to look into this year...they all have stories of their own to tell.


Natalie said...

ты молодец :) я поняла, что в тебе очень особенное - твоя искренность.

chris and kristina said...

WOW! Praise God! We are honored to be a part of your life and so thrilled to have you as a part of ours and our adoption of Matthew and Natalia. We love you and your heart for the orphan.

jandt said...

Okay remind me not to watch your video at work. You make it too easy to cry. Thanks for all your help. All three of our kids are making amazing progress and we have had no significant problems. Yes we are still in that honeymoon period and it's even better than I expected.

Jim & Teresa,
Ivan, Nadia & Alex

Durr Family said...

Great video, Karen.