Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tis the Season...

So I decided that after 3 years of living in my apartment and not decorating for Christmas, it was high time I started! In reality this is the longest into December I've been here, which has made me a little stir crazy and ready to go home...but also more ready to embrace the Christmas season here!
So I decided to host a little Christmas party last weekend for some of my girlfriends here in Kiev. It was a fun time of baking and cooking and decorating to get my little place a little more Christmasy! And it turned out GREAT! Playing hostess is a new favorite pastime.
I am heading home to Seattle for Christmas celebrations soon! You can be praying I get on a flight on the 19th- which is what I've been trying to change my ticket to. Otherwise I'll be flying in on the 23rd. Either way...I'll be home for Christmas :)


Heidi and Felix said...

Ahh, the big blue couch! Thank you for letting us crash on it the past couple of trips!

When do you return? We will be on the January 15th flight from Denver to Frankfurt then onto Kiev.

Don't hurry back tho, I'm sure we will see you at some point in the adoption trip.


Natasha said...

Wow - fancy food!!!
I am really hoping you can come home earlier - lots to talk about! Oksana is wonderful but also love to give us grief every couple of days! :)
Love ya! Natasha

chris and kristina said...

Hostess with the mostest. You are so fun. Happy Holidays to you.