Saturday, December 5, 2009

Deep Thoughts from Babushka...

Awhile back I was traveling in Eastern Ukraine with our concert team. One afternoon while I was sitting on an old log, enjoying the scenery around me, I see this little babushka come walking by. She sets herself down on the log next to me and I'm thinking to myself, oh, how sweet, the babushka wants to talk to me! So she sits, and I say hello and I'm prepared for some nice friendly Russian conversation with the sweet old woman.
She starts looking at me up and down, and then proclaims, "why, you have really big feet!"

Gee..thanks! And here I was thinking we would exchange our opinions about the weather! Glad this woman felt inclined to share with me what she was really thinking instead.

She got up a few minutes later and started hitting some dogs with a stick and yelling at them to get away.

Guess I'm lucky she just commented on my feet.

one of my friends captured the moment as it was happening!


Heidi and Felix said...

Hmmn, her feet look big, too!


Evie's Story said...

Oh Karen! I LOVE, love love this picture! Beautifully captured. I just gushed over the picture and already had in my mind what the post would be about. And you were witnessing to her. She was pouring out her heart. Salvation for this sweet old Babushka...
...and then I read it
And laughed!!