Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What makes a man rich?

For the past week I have been being "mama" to my 5 cousins here in Kiev. The real mama and papa were in the US so I got to be the fill in for a week. This is not a first--I think I'm becoming a pro actually. It can be a challenge at times being a single mom to 5 but it is always a lot of fun too--because they are GREAT kids and well...I just love them a lot!
The other morning, little John shared something at breakfast that I think was quite profound for a 5 year-old. Andre, who just turned 9 was talking about different people he knows that are "rich" and all the cool things they have, and then he stopped and said, "Karen, are we rich?"
I went in to a little explanation about how we are indeed rich because we have so many things, and a roof over our heads and food three times a day--and well so much of the world does not (really deep I know). And then he asked, "well what makes a man rich?" And before I could come up with an even more profound answer, little John pipes in and answers, "you're rich if you trust in God!"

Wow! Talk about a good reality check I was given from a 5-year-old! Sometimes it takes the little one's to put it all back in perspective. Thanks John. :)


Annie said...

Isn't that great? They are learning the right lessons from someone!

Heidi and Felix said...

Wow, that is great! God bless you Karen for being a shining light to everyone you touch.

I remember Zina telling us kinda the same thing her last evening in Colorado. She told us that for years she prayed to God for a family and that all things are possible through Him, if we just believe.

That is what makes this man rich...tender young hearts that are filled with the holy spirit, despite troubling circumstances.

See you in a couple of weeks!


Evie's Story said...

hey friend
Relating and laughing at the "single mom to five" moments:-) You go girl!! Have wanted to send you a long e-mail after your last post, but it just hasnt happened yet. Would love to talk and hear your heart. I can call you from Vonage...give me a number!
Love you friend...and praying!

Mark and Kim said...

Hello. can you please email me kimbotto@gmail.com I have a question about your work in Ukraine.
Thank you.