Thursday, October 23, 2008

UK Blitz

A couple weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting up with my dear friend Becky and her friend Heather in England. After a quick day in London we headed up to Edinburgh Scotland and stayed with some friends of friends (gotta love connections) for 2 nights. Scotland is simply charming and we had so much fun exploring the streets, castle and cafes. Here are a few highlights.

Becky, Heather and I in the classic phone booths

The tower bridge at night

In trifalgar square with the Lion

A beautiful day in Edinburgh

On the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

You never know when you will find a collection of bagpipe players in kilts!
He said something nice...

The Castle at night

We were excited to spot Mel Gibson!!


Heidi and Felix said...

What fun pictures! Can you teach me to be creative???


Annie said...

Just what I was thinking! These look like a professional photo shoot! YOu are amazingly photogenic.