Thursday, August 15, 2013

Saying Goodbyes..

Well all of our Ukrainian kiddos made it safe and sound back to their home-land (And I lived to write about it!).  It was a bitter sweet day watching all the kids say goodbye in Seattle as they parted with their host families--there were not many dry eyes to be seen.  But I have no doubt that it was worth it.  These kids gained amazing experiences, heard about Jesus in their own language, were shown how a healthy family can operate and were shown unconditional love.  Some people question hosting programs and say it isn't right to let kids gain attachment- but I think the opposite is true--why not give them the chance to have these experiences and give them connections with loving adults? I know that each and everyone of these kids was grateful to have been given this opportunity. And for those who will not be adopted, we now get to be their strongest advocates. 

The night before we left we had a beautiful farewell dinner at our church, where the kids served up some yummy Ukrainian food for all our guests.  From donors, to host families to friends, we had a full house and a sweet evening sharing about the past month and what the hosting had meant for both the kids and the families. It truly took a community to make this hosting project happen and it was a wonderful night to celebrate what God has done.

 Here are a few more shots from the final week- where we spent the day at a park...

So I've just barely landed in Ukraine and now I'm packing my bags again!  Off to help put on a camp for 45 orphans in the Kherson region.  Should be a busy couple weeks ahead.  Please be praying for our team as we will be working with the youth in the coming days ahead-- namely for open doors and for open hearts!

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