Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Defending the Orphan- Changing the Future: Summit in Ukraine

This week kicks off an amazing event in Ukraine-- the Eastern European Summit for Pastor's: Defending the Orphan- Changing the Future.  My team with Orphan's Promise has been privledged to be part of the organizational team for this great event that is being put on by the Alliance for Ukraine without Orphans and is being sponsored in part by Compassion International and Christian Vision.

The Summit is a 2 day event in Kiev where we are gathering pastors and major Christian leaders from Ukraine and neighboring countries to talk about the role of the local church in caring for the fatherless.

It is an exciting time for this event to be taking place in light of the recent ban on adoptions in Russia. All the more reason for nationals to be motivated to adopt!

There are many grass roots movements happening here in Ukraine and more and more national families are stepping out in faith to engage this topic through orphan care and adoption and I believe this summit will bring more encouragement to these efforts.

Tonight we had a gathering of about 45 special guests that are here for the event as speakers, workshop leaders and support staff.  We are honored to be hosting Wess Stafford from Compassion International who will be a keynote speaker and a team from FamilyLife's Hope for Orphans.  Looking around the room tonight you could clearly see the synergy (plus a little jet lag!) of those who are passionate about bringing change to this nation.  To see that Ukraine will become a nation without orphans.

We have 530 people registered to attend this amazing event and are excited for what God will do through this time as Pastor's are challenged and encouraged to become involved in caring for orphans.

To learn more about the summit and see who are the speakers and workshop leaders you can visit our website: http://www.summit2013.kiev.ua/en

I'll report back with more later in the week...

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