Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trying to begin....again

So I haven't been blogging much lately...incase you are wondering where I went!

I keep having these great ambitions to start writing again, and have probably thought of 20 different posts to write about-- but then writers block is all that comes and knowing where to start is difficult.  That and the 'to do' list of life is forever growing, and when I think about writing for this blog I just feel overwhelmed.  I seriously don't know how all you mothers of multiple children manage to save the world AND blog. do you do it??

Like anything in just need to begin somewhere I guess.  So that is what my goal is for this slowly get back to this writing gig...if any of you are still there!

2012 was a hard year...for a lot of different reasons that I won't go into detail about here.  I think I avoided blogging a lot because of that-- as I just never knew what to write about and not writing was the easier option- and what I needed.

But it is a new year and praise God I feel like a new page is turning (I'm a little slow on the up take, as I realize the new year began nearly 4 weeks ago!)  That is one thing I love about walking through life with the Lord.  He continually offers us the chance to start again and he truly does make all things new in HIS time!

Winter seasons come..
Yet He remains faithful.
The spring always manages to come....maybe not when we hoped for-- but it comes.

And I for one am grateful for the season of spring at hand....even if January is still staring me in the face.


Tara G. said...

I love that photo- my favorite blue sky is a clear Ukrainian winter one. Hugs, friend!!

Leah Good said...

Still here and looking forward to reading more!

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time:" Ecclesiastes 3:13a