Thursday, April 26, 2012

A map of orphanhood in Ukraine

This map of orphanhood in Ukraine was put together by friends with the Alliance: Ukraine without Orphans.  I was asked to help edit the English version for foreign audiences, so here is what we have.  I realize this map may be difficult to read, so below are the numbers spelled out in bigger font.

This map really helps clarify the situation and shows the reality of the situation-- many older kids, kids with disabilities and lots of sibling groups!

Best areas in Ukraine
(0.5% of children are orphans)

Average areas in Ukraine
(1.2% of children are orphans)

Worst areas in Ukraine
(1.9% of children are orphans)

Total number of children in Ukraine – 9 million
(17.8% of the country's population)

1.5 million children are being raised by a single parent

250,000 children experience abuse, brutal treatment and exploitation

In addition to orphans, there are over 40,000 children living in institutions who do not have official orphan status.

35,000 children have been adopted since Ukraine’s independence

The total number of orphans and children without parental care is 96,000.

Out of those children:
10,000 are in foster care and family type orphanages,
63,000 live with guardians,
up to 23,000 live in institutions/orphanages for children.
27,000 are available for adoption, of those available for adoption, 90% of them are either over 5 years old, have illnesses or disabilities or are part of a sibling group.

Every year 17,000 children become orphans or are deprived of parental care.
Every year 12,000 children turn 18-year's old, the age of legal independence.

Hope that helps!


Ashley Gibson said...

SO interesting! My husband & I adopted a 3 year old with Down syndrome from Kiev in October. We were in Kiev for a month and LOVED it - can't wait to go back! Our Carter was at Berezka (a short walk from the Lisova stop on the blue line). Love your blog - thanks for this info!

Jamie said...

Thank you so much Karen for the info!!!!

Lillian Marsh said...

Thank you for posting this. What happened with the family who were adopting the ten year old girl who first said no to them and then said yes? Did they finish her adoption? I've been thinking about her.

Anonymous said...

Okay to repost this information? Great visual!

Karen said...

Yes-- feel free to repost. And Lillian-- yes the family that adopted the 10 year old girl (Daria is her name) is now home in Colorado and all is going well! :)

The Farrells said...

Thank you for sharing! We are in the process of adopting our 15 year old daughter from Ukraine before she turns 16 in July. The orphans age out at 16 in Ukraine :(